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9 thoughts on “ Claustrophobia

  1. Claustrophobia definition is - abnormal dread of being in closed or narrow spaces. How to use claustrophobia in a sentence.
  2. What Is Claustrophobia? Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder that causes an intense fear of enclosed spaces. If you get very nervous or upset when you're in a tight place, like an elevator or.
  3. Sep 24,  · SOURCES: Better Health Channel: "Claustrophobia." HealthDirect: "Claustrophobia." Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors: "Claustrophobia game: Design and development of a new virtual reality game.
  4. The Claustrophobia world of smart entertainment. Claustrophobia offers exciting intellectual challenges: kids', youth and family escape games in Moscow. Each game has its own zest, an unexpected plot and lots of secrets. You can choose a theme appealing to you most, a convenient city district and a suitable complexity level.
  5. Claustrophobia is a miniatures-based survival game set within the catacombs. The box contains miniatures which are placed on large tiles showing the dungeon spaces. Also included are character dashboards, counters and markers, and dice. One player controls a small group of determined humans, while the other plays an almost unending army of demonic creatures/10().
  6. Claustrophobia is a type of specific phobia, where one has a fear of closed spaces. Examples of closed spaces are engine rooms, MRI machines, elevators, etc. Those with specific phobias generally will endorse avoidance behaviors on the particular object or situation that triggers their fear. The fear can express as a danger of harm, disgust, or.
  7. claus·tro·pho·bic (klô′strə-fō′bĭk) adj. 1. a. Relating to or suffering from claustrophobia. b. Uncomfortably closed or hemmed in. 2. Tending to induce claustrophobia; uncomfortably confined or crowded: a claustrophobic little room. claus′tro·pho′bi·cal·ly adv. claustrophobic .
  8. Claustrophobia is the irrational fear of confined spaces. People affected by claustrophobia will often go out of their way to avoid confined spaces, such as lifts, tunnels, tube trains and public toilets. But avoiding these places may reinforce the fear.

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